Website Planning

Are you planning a new website (or a redesign)?

Do you know where to start?

Can you answer these essential questions?

  • Do your key stakeholders understand your concept?

  • In what context will your website be used?

  • How should your content be organized?

Talk to me before you hire a designer or developer!

Consulting  Services

I can help you discover, describe and document what you need, 
so that your website can get built as quickly as possible. 

I have worked in the NGO, IGO, museum, and educational sectors, providing

  • Requirements workshops

  • Information architecture

  • Content strategy

  • Governance planning

  • Enterprise analysis

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I create high-level artifacts to communicate your ideas, such as

Concept Models

  • Personas

  • User journeys and scenarios

  • Wireframes

  • User and transaction flows

  • Content plans

My documentaton prepares you to work efficiently and effectively with your web developer, and secures buy-in from key stakeholders.

Guiding Principles

I take a user-centered, holisitic view of your website using a business analysis framework:

  • Root causes, not symptoms

  • Business improvement, not IT change

  • Options, not solutions

  • Feasable, contributing requirements, not all requests

  • The entire business change lifecycle, not just requirements definition

  • Negotiation, not avoidance

  • Business agility, not business perfection

-  Business Analysis, second edition J.Cadle et al (2010)

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